Opportunity Consulting

Transformative Solutions for Equity and Improvement

Opportunity Consulting aims to drive improvement and equity in public policies and outcomes.


We work at the intersection of community, policy, and research to create a more just and equitable world where every person has an opportunity to thrive. We support school systems, cities, public agencies, and organizations to develop equity-focused improvement on a range of public policy issues. 

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Learn about our equity review process of identifying drivers of inequality in organizations and systems.

Gaps in achievement are symptoms. Gaps in employment are symptoms. Gaps in housing stability are symptoms. The source of these gaps is historic and modern and systemic and real. They are baked into our policies and institutional practices and create barriers and gaps in opportunities. Dismantling inequitable policies and practices requires new ideas, new methods, and listening to perspectives and lived experiences that have too often been ignored.  (Iris Bond-Gill, CEO)