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Transformative Solutions for Equity and Improvement

Working at the Intersection of Community, Policy, and Research


Our mission is to foster equity and well-being through education, workforce, and community services. As catalysts for transformative change, we collaborate with school systems, municipalities, organizations, and philanthropies at the national, state, and local levels to address systemic barriers in access to high-quality education and economic opportunities. We work together to drive impactful transformation through equity assessments, strategic planning, program design and implementation, and advocacy, all rooted in a collaborative approach that prioritizes shareholder engagement, diverse partnerships, and inclusive strategies.

What We Do

Opportunity Consulting offers a range of services that integrate education, workforce, and community well-being to drive economic and social justice. At Opportunity Consulting, our service offerings form a strategic arc, guiding organizations, school systems, and municipalities through a transformative journey from assessment to sustainability.

Sandy Pooler, Town Manager

“I was impressed with the thoughtful examination of equity issues and community engagement. The assessment offered many insights from residents you don’t often hear from.” 

Jillian Harvey, DEI Director

“Opportunity Consulting partnered with us every step of the way. This work is hard yet rewarding, and I am eager to begin the next stages of taking the actionable recommendations from the report and putting them into practice.”

William Whitfield, Asst Director

It was a pleasure working with Opportunity Consulting. They worked diligently to meet deadlines, ensured that the quality of work met the need of the agency and they were professional at all times.
Our Core Values





We recognize the danger of a single story. Context drives our work, ensuring our solutions are grounded in the realities of the communities served.


We seek nothing short of transformative system change. Each engagement is a commitment to create lasting impact.


We foster continuous learning and stay ahead of the curve, evolving to deliver exceptional results for our clients


We nurture joy and cultivate strong, authentic relationships, fostering trust within our team and with our partners.

Recent Clients and Partners
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