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Tackling Adaptive Challenges with Co-creation and Community Engagement

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Local governments face a myriad of complex, adaptive challenges, from climate change to affordable housing, that require innovative and collaborative solutions. These challenges cannot be tackled by local government alone; they require active community participation and co-creation. Community engagement is crucial for some key reasons.

  • These processes ensure that all stakeholders are involved in developing a solution. This is essential because the success of any solution depends on the support and commitment of all stakeholders. When residents are involved in the decision-making process, they are more likely to be invested in the outcome and feel a sense of ownership over the solution.

  • Community members bring unique perspectives and experiences to the table, which can help local government officials develop more creative and effective solutions. By tapping into the collective knowledge and experience of the community, local governments can create more responsive and adaptable policies.

  • It increased transparency and accountability. When residents are involved in the decision-making process, they are more likely to understand the rationale behind policies and decisions. This can increase trust in local government and reduce the likelihood of conflict or opposition to policies.

We've seen some promising practices that can guide local governments in taking positive steps to encourage community participation and co-creation:

1) Hold public forums and town hall meetings to solicit input and feedback from residents, ensuring meetings are accessible to all with interpreters and other accommodations.

2) Create community-led committees or task forces to help develop policy recommendations and create a two-way feedback loop.

3) Use technology platforms to facilitate online engagement and feedback to make anytime, anywhere engagement a possibility for those who can't easily attend in-person meetings.

By involving community members in the decision-making process, local governments can develop more innovative, responsive, and effective solutions that are supported by the community.

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