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Equity Reviews & Needs Assessments

Gaps in student achievement are symptoms. Gaps in employment are symptoms. Gaps in housing stability are symptoms. The source of these gaps is historic and modern and systemic and real. They are baked into our policies and institutional practices and create barriers and gaps in opportunities. Dismantling inequitable policies and practices requires new ideas, new methods, and listening to perspectives and lived experiences that have too often been ignored.


Systems-thinking is integral to our approach, reflecting our understanding that societal issues are complex and interconnected. Our expertise in this area allows us to see beyond isolated challenges and to understand the broader ecosystems in which these challenges exist. This perspective enables us to identify leverage points for change and to design interventions that address the root causes of inequity, rather than just the symptoms. By applying a systems-thinking lens, we ensure that our strategies are holistic and that our interventions create sustainable impacts. 


Our analytical capabilities also extend to policy analysis, program evaluation, and impact assessment, ensuring that every recommendation we make is grounded in solid data and robust methodologies.


The Outcome-Led Equity ⟨™⟩ approach rests on four guiding principles: Outcomes and Data, Shareholder-Led Inquiry, Focus on the Possible, and Findings Accessible to Everyone.

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