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Annie Crooks (she/her) grew up in Okemos, Michigan and is a graduate from the University of Iowa. She studied Ethics in Public Policy with a focus in politics, and Spanish. She is a passionate advocate for equity within education and strives to find community driven solutions to institutional issues. Annie brings experience as a Research Fellow for the University of Iowa, where she studied historical and current resistance movements in response to the displacement of marginalized groups in Moravia, Colombia. Additionally, she has six years of professional experience working with students with disabilities in higher education at the University of Iowa REACH program.

Annie's work with UI REACH focused on creating inclusive and accessible opportunities for students with disabilities on campus. She has worked closely with students, campus leadership and community groups to identify and combat barriers for individuals with disabilities in a college setting. In her role as Policy Associate, Annie conducts research and analysis, assists with project coordination, and supports Opportunity Consulting in their mission to achieve equity within our systems and institutions.

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