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Adrian Ali-Caccamo (he/him) is a rising senior at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (SFS). He is majoring in International Politics—with a specific focus on Law, Institutions, and Ethics—and focuses his elective coursework around minors in both Spanish and Justice & Peace Studies. For his academic achievement, Adrian was selected to the Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honors Society. He will also pursue an undergraduate Honors in the Major distinction through his senior thesis on USAID and its global standardization of early literacy tools. Complementing his academic work, Adrian has developed a strong interest in education policy and equity. In student governance work as the President of the SFS Academic Council, he collaborates with the Dean’s Office on a variety of DEI and curriculum transformation projects. In that capacity, he co-founded the SFS Ambassadors and SFS Peer Mentors programs, which emphasize equitable admissions outreach. He has engaged in teaching roles, including a partnership with the National Education Equity Lab, and organized grassroots legislative activism at the Minnesota State Capitol. Adrian hopes to establish a career in education law and policy, working to make the American education system more equitable for students of all racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. 

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