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C.V. Dolan (they/them) is Senior Analyst for Data and Research at Opportunity Consulting. Dolan leads the analysis and visualization of quantitative data collection. Dolan is passionate about driving data-informed decision-making and brings 15 years of professional experience in data analysis, visualization, modeling, and storytelling using data. They are a Doctoral Candidate in Leadership and Policy Studies and holds a Master of Education and a Bachelor of Science and Engineering. Dolan is especially experienced in R and SQL and has expertise in data cleaning, manipulating, visualizing, and building web-based applications. Dolan leads and guides data engagements, including building team infrastructure around best practices for data analysis using a critical race and equity lens. Dolan also ensures that data accuracy and privacy standards are met while automating processes to improve the quality and efficiency of data across projects. Dolan is fluent in Spanish and American Sign Language.

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