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See some of the current projects where we are supporting partner-clients in improving equity and outcomes for those who are most marginalized in our systems and institutions. Our partner-clients include municipalities, school systems, public agencies, and nonprofit organizations. 


Community Equity Audit, Town of Arlington

We are conducting an equity review for the Town of Arlington to reveal drivers of inequality in town life, and the way to address them through more targeted and effective public policy. 

Our Projects

Equity Audit, DC Employment Services

We are working with the DC Department of Employment Services to uncover inequality in the Washington DC workforce, and identify the levers available to the agency to improve equity in employment.

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Public Engagement for DC State Social Studies Standards, State Superintendent of Education

We are facilitating revisions of the K-12 Social Studies standards in Washington, DC with the goal of developing more culturally responsive and anti-racist standards that promote democratic principles and values while also encouraging civic engagement in students. Standards are based on a set of guiding principles developed by educators in DC.

Equity Review, Understood

We are leading an equity review for a social impact organization that provides resources for people with learning disabilities. The process is supplemented by a collaborative inquiry and design-thinking processes, with a focus on ensuring products and services are reaching diverse audiences.


Barriers to Racial and Ethnic Equity Study, City of Encinitas, CA

We are conducting a race equity study in the City of Encinitas to help them identify, confront, and mitigate barriers to racial and ethnic equity in the city. The review focuses on inequitable practices and policies in housing. 

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