Maryam Khalid Shah is a Policy & Research Analyst at Opportunity Consulting. She is passionate about ending educational inequity and creating more equitable and inclusive spaces. Maryam started her career as a Fellow at Teach For Pakistan, teaching almost two hundred students at an under-resourced school for two years. During this time, Maryam saw firsthand how well-intentioned policies meant to improve Pakistan’s education system were failing to meet the task. Realizing that a lack of good data collection and utilization practices were a major part of the problem, she was motivated to improve her own quantitative skills. This led her to enroll in the Data Science for Public Policy program at Georgetown University where she was selected as a McCourt Scholar, and where she is currently in her second year. During her time at Georgetown, Maryam has worked with a former Deputy United States Chief Technology Officer as a Teaching Assistant, and as a Research Assistant at the Georgetown University Initiative on Innovation, Development and Evaluation (gui2de).