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Dr. Brittany Patrick (she/her/hers) is the Director of Education Engagement at Opportunity Consulting. Before joining Opportunity Consulting, Brittany served as a K-12 special education policy analyst at a state education agency. She began her career as an elementary special education teacher in Washington, D.C., and San Antonio, TX. In her former capacity as Director of Specialized instruction for a large public school system, Brittany led strategic initiatives at the school and district levels to drive outcomes and dismantle inequities facing students with disabilities. Her highly effective leadership has resulted in increased academic achievement, social-emotional wellness, and parent engagement in culturally and linguistically diverse school communities across the east coast. Dr. Patrick’s expertise and commentary on Neurodiversity, equity, and accessibility are often shared through her practitioner articles and engagements with organizations like Edutopia and Outschool. She holds a B.A. in speech-language pathology, a Master of Science in Special Education, a Ph.D. in Special Education with a concentration in language and literacy from the University of Maryland College-Park. In her Director of Education Engagement role, Brittany leads partnerships with equity-driven organizations and agencies to ensure projects have the greatest possible impact. Dr. Patrick is a proud native of Prince George’s County, MD, where she lives with her dog, T.J. She prides herself on being a fierce advocate and staunch educator. 

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